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Mini Sessions

What to do for those perfect photos!

  • Select complimentary outfits. Try to stick with a color scheme which can pull a group together and keep the focus on the faces. Light colors can look fresh and airy while darker colors can slenderize.

  • Avoid logos and heavy patterns. Even small ones can easily cause a distraction.

  • Take special care with your grooming on the day of. Treat the occasion like the special day it is. Take time to make sure you feel your  most confident self and the photos will reflect that.

  • Lay out your clothing choices the night before. Include shoes and accessories. If it looks visually pleasing to you, that will likely translate to the photograph.  Double check that everything is ironed and ready to go to avoid any unnecessary stress the day of.

  • Plan to arrive at least 5-10 minutes early.  Allow time to park and to walk to the meeting location.   Because mini-sessions are scheduled back to back, there is no wiggle room. If you are running late, I unfortunately cannot give you extra time during your session.

  • Be ready to smile and pose! In order to give you the best options to select from, we will take a lot of photos in a short period of time. This should be fun, not stressful and a smile goes a long way.

And finally.... enjoy the experience!


What Happens Next?

Its time for me to get to work!

  • Your final payment is due at the end of the photoshoot. We take cash, checks, venmo, paypal and all major credit cards.

  • Image proofs will be emailed via a private online gallery link for you to view and select your favorites. You will receive the email within a weeks of your session. These will not be edited yet.

  • You will have an option to add notes on each image if there are specific retouching requests. I am able to slim arms, remove small stains and blemishes etc. I am unable to completely remove wrinkles or frizz from hair so please take care with your appearance the day of. If you are unsure- always ask and I will do my best!

  • Within two weeks your ten selected retouched photos will be uploaded into a password protected site where you can download them in their original size. You will also be provided a print release which will allow you to have the images professionally printed at any location.

  • Enjoy and share your beautiful memories!

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